An Ounce of Prevention Can Save Big Repairs

R&M Auto Repair has serviced 34 vehicles for me. No other business touches my vehicles. They are by far the best business from Key West, to Jacksonville.”

~Calvin B., Vero Beach, Florida

The very best type of vehicle repairs are  the ones that can be avoided.  With insightful preventive maintenance, and early detection R&M Auto Repair will be ever vigilant for little repairs that may prevent big repairs.   Due to their success in this area, Tommy Rye, and his team of experts at R& M Auto Repair have been selected by  USDA, Harbor Branch Institute, Seal Rite Brick Pavers, and Palm Coast Shutters, to maintain their entire fleet of vehicles.

Whether you need service on the family car, or for your own fleet of vehicles, R&M will always provide comprehensive inspections, and periodic maintenance , to save you from the big repairs.

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