Auto Repair Vero Beach Shop Front

The key to fixing your vehicle’s issues correctly the first time lays in our expert diagnostic ability.  Whether your vehicle’s fault is mechanical or electrical, our team will isolate the cause of the failure and replace the proper parts to correct the fault.

Modern Electronics

Modern vehicles are increasingly controlled by sophisticated electronic systems.  Electronic sensors throughout your vehicle can do a great job of letting your mechanic know what is wrong with your vehicle.  These electronic sensors can also fail and therefore become the source of your problem.  The experts at R& M auto repair specialize in the diagnosis of failures in today’s computer controlled car.

Good Old Fashioned Mechanics

Even with the computer systems in today’s vehicles, there is no substitute for our 35 plus years of experience with the good old fashioned mechanical systems of the internal combustion engine.  Our depth of experience often allows us to isolate pinpoint a problem component from the most subtle tick, clunk, whir, or ping.

Pride in Our Work

Skillful troubleshooting is critical but only goes so far when it comes to repairing the vehicle you depend on.  It is also important to have the desire to make sure your repair is done right the first time.   We believe the reliability of your vehicle becomes as important to us as as it is to you.

Care for Our Customers.

Our genuine care for our customers is what drives us to go the extra mile.  Your cars and trucks become “our cars and trucks.”  Bringing your vehicles to R&M Auto is a bit like taking them to family for service.  Maybe better.  If you need a ride to the shop, or back home to help you keep up with your scheduled maintenance, we are happy to oblige.