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Tommy and his guys were able to use some high tech computerized diagnostic equipment to pinpoint and fix a “coil on plug” that was causing a misfire at a particular rpm on our Ford Explorer.    Another mechanic wanted to replace them all.  Tommy’s fancy computer saved me a bunch of money!”

~Cindy F., Vero Beach

With all the electronics and computer controlled systems in today’s vehicles, your mechanic must be on the cutting edge when it comes to modern diagnostic tools.     The trick is to find a mechanic with just the right mix of high tech savvy, along with an appreciation for good old fashioned customer care. That is exactly what you will get from Tommy Rye, and his team of experts at R& M Auto Repair.

Whether you are looking for service on the family car, or a whole fleet of vehicles, R&M will always provide expert troubleshooting and repair, at a fair price.

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