Reviews & Testimonials

This business has very nice people, they did a good job, they are fast and honest.”
~Bob R., Vero Beach, FL

Professional no nonsense service. The honest mechanics everyone is looking for, for their vehicle.”
~Gary C., Vero Beach, FL

Excellent service very thorough I don’t go anywhere else”
~Donna S., Vero Beach, FL

The employees were prompt, friendly and courteous. We had gone to this business one time before because there was a light on and we were not sure if she could make it to the dealership. She said that the gentleman told her that her vehicle was still under warranty and that she could make it to the dealership without issue. She mentioned that she really appreciated that they took the time to help her out.”
~Patricia R., Ft Pierce, FL

Tom and his people always do a great job fast clean and no complaints. It’s nice to be remembered when I walk in even after severals months go by. A real home town feeling just great. Thanks Tom!”
~Bob S., Vero Beach, FL